Solomon: Jack Easterby isn’t the worst but give him time

Jack Easterby is the worst. Right?

A former Rockets general manager was so suspect that Hakeem Olajuwon questioned his integrity and called him a coward.

The guy who was in charge of Astros’ moves traded away a future two-time MVP in a deal that included a future four-time Gold Glove winner, got rid of a two-time All-Star who would play in three more All-Star games, and dealt a pitcher who immediately posted three 20-win seasons after the trade.

The Oilers once had a general manager who was elevated to the position in an in-house promotion to replace the most beloved coach in Houston sports history.

As if taking Bum Phillips’ job wasn’t bad enough, this GM was involved in a host of incidents that proved he was of questionable character.

On a road trip to Buffalo, he was arrested and charged with assault after he punched the bride’s brother during an altercation at a wedding reception. Then, with the sweatpants he was wearing serving a legitimate purpose, he allegedly mooned the entire wedding party.

He once got drunk at lunch and attacked a Chronicle sports columnist. And he traded Earl Campbell.

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Let me repeat, this man replaced Bum, traded the Tyler Rose and swung on a newspaper columnist. Can I get somebody to retroactively dial 9-1-1?

Yet through all the bad decisions and frustrations during his nine-year run, Ladd Herzeg isn’t the worst executive in Houston…

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