Solomon: Fittingly of late, Houston sports landscape much colder

As you sit in frigid Houston wondering if all those things you said would occur “when hell freezes over” are about to happen, perhaps thinking about the good ol’ days will cheer you up.

You know, way back a week and a half ago when it was darn near 80 degrees? Good times.

Or maybe travel in time to a couple years ago, when Houston sports teams were loaded with stars and promise. Who among us did not imagine an H-Town sports future with championships and celebrations, parties and parades?

The proverbial saying that tomorrow is not promised is a far more serious notion than typically required for the sports world, but what a difference a day makes.

Yesterday, in a sense, Houston sports were hot.

Today, however, they’re frozen.

How long this hard freeze will last is a good question. There are too many variables to provide a specific time frame, but for the most part, it is going to be awhile.

Only one team in the Western Conference has a worse record than the Rockets’ 11-16 mark.

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The Rockets’ future isn’t here yet. They don’t have a player on their roster who will be the best player on a championship team.

As for those of you who wanted to run James Harden out of town, how are you feeling these days? Not so good, I imagine.

Only two teams in the AFC finished with…

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