Solomon: Astros not must-see TV? ESPN’s slight is comical.

Whiny fans are my favorites, and least favorites.

One can’t help but appreciate the passion that drives their craziness, but often that fervor is so maniacal that it’s dangerous.

It can also lead to paranoia.

You know, the “It’s us against the world” take on everything.

Rockets fans feel some kind of way about every national media slight too.

At least Jalen Green handled it well, by going on a podcast with Bill Simmons, despite Simmons’ X-rated critique of his game.

Astros fans get more and more evidence each day that the world really is against the local nine.

Without question, MLB treated the Astros differently than any other team that was caught stealing signs. Especially in its punishment and discussion about the Yankees and Red Sox, whose transgressions were not much different from Houston’s.

Cheaters cheated, and got caught. The Astros received significantly harsher penalties and a scarlet letter from fans around baseball they can’t seem to shake. Unfair indeed. 

Media has been just as bad. That isn’t a homer take. It’s a fact.

Here is another example. ESPN posted an item titled “Who in MLB is must-see TV right now? This season’s most watchable teams and players”, yet somehow didn’t bother to mention a single Astros player.

We’re talking about something that is totally subjective and very much meaningless, but this is comical.

While certainly at times the goal is to drum up attention, but opinion-shapers should try…

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