Solar Panel: Suns-Nuggets Opening Night Preview Show

Dave previews the Suns vs. Nuggets Opening Night with Denver Stiffs/Pick Axe and Roll podcaster Ryan Blackburn, friend of the show since last playoffs.

We discuss:

  • the similarities in team salary structure
  • the Ayton non-extension, MPJ extension
  • ongoing Suns-Nuggets nightmares by Nuggets fans
  • the size of the chip on each team’s shoulders coming into the season, and
  • we break down each team’s focus for the season opener!

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We have a LIVE show on YouTube each Saturday morning at 8am AZ time to discuss the latest Suns news with Suns fans, and also post an audio-only midweek pod in interview format with national media and personalities on their take on the Suns.

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