So Tom Brady was flirting with the Dolphins? Um, that’s what players do

TAMPA — All these months later, the evidence seems clear:

Tom Brady improperly talked to the Dolphins, bought waterfront property in Miami and announced a faux retirement from the Bucs. He was prepared to weasel his way out of town at the first opportunity after using Tampa Bay in a selfish ploy to win a Super Bowl and further his reputation.


I’m sorry, did you think this was true love? I mean, the guy walked away from New England after two decades and six Super Bowl wins, and you thought he was going to put down roots in Carrollwood?

This was a hookup, not a marriage. A glorious, profitable, it’s-been-fun hookup for both Brady and millions of Bucs fans. If you feel jilted and abandoned by Brady this morning, just imagine how you would have felt if he went home with the 49ers instead of the Bucs in 2020.

So Tuesday’s news that the NFL determined the Dolphins had been illegally wooing/tampering with Brady for years was more confirmation than revelation.

And all of this hand-wringing and shock from the league about the impropriety of tampering? Nonsense. Of course there was tampering. He’s the most successful quarterback in league history.

Once it became clear that the TB12 brand was open for relocation, there were probably a dozen different teams discreetly asking Brady’s agent about his intentions. Heck, I would hope the Bucs were first in line. The Dolphins were…

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