So many questions surround Deandre’s Ayton’s future with the Phoenix Suns

So much for that two year joy ride through the Western Conference for the Phoenix Suns, huh?

The trio of Devin Booker, Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton have been very good for each other. Paul is the leading assist man (10.8 per game, 1st in league) and third leading scorer (14.7). Booker is the leading scorer (26.8, 12th in league) and third-leading assist man (4.8). Ayton is the leading rebounder (10.2, 13th in league) and second-leading scorer (17.2).

All three are good two-way players, helping the Suns finish 5th in offense and 3rd in defense this year among the 30 NBA teams.

They fit together like a glove the last two seasons, winning more games than any other team (136 wins to 53 losses, including playoffs, for a 72% win rate). In last year’s playoffs, the three stepped up as the clear top-three players on the West’s best team and made the Finals in their first year together.

On an individual level, Chris Paul got two All-Star and (likely) All-NBA nods plus a four-year $120 million contract extension, Devin Booker got a pair of All-Star and (hopefully) his first All-NBA nod and an incoming five year contract extension worth over $200 million that will lock him up for the next seven years, and Deandre Ayton got… well, nothing to show for it yet.

Booker will make $33 million next year, Paul will make $28 million and Ayton will be a…

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