Smith: Who’s more maddening — Jack Easterby or ERCOT?

Sports, normally, are a wonderful distraction from the real world.

We obsess over, debate and celebrate thousands of small, mostly inconsequential things.

A 3-pointer that perfectly glides through a net or clanks off iron by falling a half-inch short. The sweet sound a mitt makes when a pitcher throws fire for the first time. Deshaun Watson’s $156 million contract extension and which new NFL team J.J. Watt will choose.

But it’s hard to be happily (or maddeningly) distracted by the Rockets, Astros, Texans, University of Houston men’s basketball team, etc., when you don’t have electricity.


Running water.

Heck, just the simple, old-fashioned things so many of us were taking for granted last weekend: a working high-definition television and a reliable internet connection.

I spent a decent part of my Wednesday waiting in long lines that kept getting longer: Home Depot (Lowe’s was closed), Randalls (H-E-B was closed) and three gas stations.

The first ran out of fuel after I waited in line for more than 30 minutes, gradually inching forward minute by minute, only to end up as the second-place car when the winner sucked up the last bit of gas.

After writing this column, I returned home to magically discover that once-lifeless lights were back on and the heater worked again.

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