Smith: Warriors show Rockets what staying power is all about



Remember that famously haunting tune?

Technically, it is spelled Warriors. For years, it formed one half of the NBA’s best question: Who was better, the Rockets or the Golden State Warriors?

Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady also used to be a serious debate. Brady is now in a different sports universe when compared to Manning.

The same for Rockets versus Warriors. And right now, the best team in the NBA (again) is in a different dimension when compared to the rebuilding Rockets, who have spent the last two seasons as the league’s worst team.

Put simply and factually: The Warriors have done what the Rockets could not.

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Houston Chronicle sports columnist Brian T. Smith says the Golden State Warriors’ return to excellence is one of the better stories in sports this century. Video: Houston Chronicle

With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steve Kerr and Bob Myers having gone up 3-0 on Luka Dončić’s team Sunday night in the Western Conference finals, I’m more amazed than ever at everything the franchise from San Francisco/Oakland, Calif. has been able to accomplish since 2015.

If these Warriors finish off the Dallas Mavericks, then win four more playoff games and capture their fourth NBA championship in the last eight years?

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It will be the greatest run in pro sports since the New England Patriots’ dynasty with Brady ended.

From a local perspective, the Warriors…

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