Smith: Uneven college basketball season still searching for rhythm 

This one should be huge.

Baylor, undefeated and No. 2 in the country, at No. 6 Texas with nothing else worth watching on television.

But, unfortunately, not even a primetime ESPN slot has elevated a Big 12 matchup between two of the best teams in the college game into must-see TV.

Did you even know it was on?

The NFL is one huge game away from successfully making it through the craziest season in NFL history.

The NBA made it through its Florida bubble and is now 19 games into a new season featuring mini-bubbles across the country.

But college basketball’s uneven road in 2020-21 continues to be bumpy and unpredictable. Maybe that’s just what happens when Duke is this bad, North Carolina is this meh and Kentucky is a surreal 5-10.

Kelvin Sampson’s Cougars just keep winning. The University of Houston is 15-1, No. 5 in the country and a prime Final Four candidate in early February.

But the Coogs still need to strengthen their schedule, which is why the idea of setting up an impromptu contest against No. 1 Gonzaga recently came up.

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Locally, we’ve been overwhelmed by Texans news and Rockets news and Astros news.

College basketball has been down for years, thanks to the lingering effects of the one-and-done era.

But, big picture, this is simply the college game struggling to navigate its way through another coronavirus season, with random cancelations…

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