Slowing down takes a lot of work for a young Orlando Magic team

R.J. Hampton knew exactly what the Memphis Grizzlies were going to do.

That is what comes from constant harping from coaches and tape study. The game plan is clear with the Grizzlies. It is just about recognizing it and executing it.

They are a “nail help” team. That means they tend to put their help defender right at the center of the free throw line to deter any attacks to the paint or the middle of the floor.

It can be an inviting defense that ensnares unsuspecting ball handlers in a trap if they drive too deep.

Knowing what is coming and then knowing how to attack it are two different things. And that is something that takes a lot of work. It takes both the understanding of what is coming and the anticipation of what comes next.

A young Orlando Magic team is still coming together and finding comfort on the floor. As young players, the process of slowing the game down will be key to their success.

Hampton, at least entering this season, was not a player exactly known for playing under composure. If anything, the expectation with Hampton would be that he would dive head first, using his speed to try to get by whatever defense. That usually ended up in trouble.

This was even the case in Summer League.

At least for this first preseason game, Hampton showed the kind of poise and composure everyone hoped…

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