Sixers: Why De’Aaron Fox is not the best Kings trade target

Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers are currently 10-8, locked in a four-way tie for sixth place in the Eastern Conference. With Joel Embiid’s return on the horizon, there’s a general air of optimism around the franchise. That said, Ben Simmons still looms like a dark shadow, and there’s no sign of imminent resolution on the horizon.

That said, with the February trade deadline edging ever closer, teams around the league are beginning to reevaluate. The Kings are, perhaps, the team most blatantly locked in a period of reevaluation, firing head coach Luke Walton and setting the stage for significant changes in the near future.

Sacramento has been involved in Ben Simmons rumors from the jump, with De’Aaron Fox being the widely accepted best case scenario from Philadelphia’s perspective. Now, with a quarter of the season under our belts and new information to go on, my argument is simple — the best Kings package does not involve De’Aaron Fox.

Should the Sixers target De’Aaron Fox in trade negotiations with the Kings.

While Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reports that both De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton are deemed “unavailable” in trade talks, that kind of posturing doesn’t generally last. The Kings are an embarrassment right now, and it’s clear the roster requires serious foundational changes. It’s not hard to imagine Fox and Haliburton becoming “available” closer to the deadline.

That said, in this writer’s humble opinion, it’s a package…

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