Sixers rumors: Bradley Beal could demand trade before NBA Draft

This a CODE RED. I repeat, this is a CODE RED. The waters have been stirring for a while, and gosh darn it, the Coast Guard just confirmed visual on a great white stark. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Bradley Beal could demand a trade from the Washington Wizards before Thursday’s NBA Draft. Naturally, the Sixers should get ready to pounce.

While the Beal sweepstakes could get in the way of a potential Damian Lillard sweepstakes, it’s difficult for me to say, with confidence, “the Sixers should ignore Bradley Beal in hopes of Lillard asking out, then hope they have the best trade package for Lillard.” That is a risky bet. If you can trade for Bradley Beal, it’s probably wise to trade for Bradley Beal.

Last season, Beal averaged 31.3 points and came up just shy of the scoring title. Beal is an actual wizard on the perimeter, with one of the most confident, breathtaking scoring repertoires in the NBA. He can beat a defense at every level, whether it’s shredding his man in isolation, or moving without the basketball to free up opportunities elsewhere. He has grown tremendously as a playmaker in recent years, and even spent time at point guard in 2019-20 during John Wall’s absence.

The Sixers have the assets to acquire Bradley Beal, but the list of potential suitors is long.

Any Beal trade would start with Ben Simmons, who has…

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