Should the Wizards trade the 10th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft?

Wizards president Tommy Sheppard said in the leadup to Tuesday night’s lottery that “most young guys, it’s really hard for them to make an impact in their first year.” Back in April, he said of the team’s glaring need at point guard that he doesn’t “see a rookie starting at point guard for [the Wizards] next season.”

While he may have simply been noting how young and inexperienced most lottery picks are these days, those comments sort of lend themselves to an obvious question: Should the Wizards consider trading the 10th overall pick? They can technically do so once the draft takes place, as it would no longer be subject to the Stepien Rule.

Trading it could go a few different ways. They could either trade up in the draft (or down) or trade the pick for more immediate help in a deal for a veteran. Wizards fans on Twitter are already deliberating over how the team could trade up for Jaden Ivey, who will likely land somewhere in the top-5 and would fill a need at guard.

Let’s start with that scenario. In short, don’t count on it. Usually, teams picking high enough to draft top prospects, ones as good as Ivey, don’t pass up the opportunity. In the age of supermax contracts, getting a young star on a rookie deal is the ultimate value play if you can swing it.

Regardless of who is available, you just don’t…

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