Satisfied with spring, Mike McCarthy cancels final practice of Cowboys minicamp

Of course, the Cowboys are further along today compared to this time in 2020.

That should go without saying.

A proper spring workout program was held. All players were allowed into The Star before early August. Coaches could instruct at practices, not entirely reliant on virtual meetings to install various concepts. Any player or coach when asked in recent weeks has said that the difference between the two offseasons is drastic.

What encourages coach Mike McCarthy, what prompted him to cancel the final minicamp practice Thursday, is how the 2021 offseason compares to ones before the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCarthy scheduled a team-bonding activity in lieu of Thursday’s practice. This was not an impulse he woke up with Thursday morning but rather a decision made well in advance to reflect his satisfaction level with the team’s progress this spring.

The Cowboys sent formal notice to reporters around 8 a.m. Thursday that the third and final practice of minicamp was reprogrammed to a “group dynamic event” that would be closed to media. Activity specifics were not provided, although watermelon smashing is not believed to be involved.

“Really, we’re not even in the same space comparing last year to this year,” McCarthy said Wednesday. “We took accountability for not hitting the target virtually last year as a coaching staff. … I thought our coaches knocked it out of the park virtually this year. You could see it in the understanding when we’re on…

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