Russell Wilson keeps Broncos offense focused with “State of the Union” meetings on team off-days

When Russell Wilson says the Broncos’ off-day is for dissecting film and studying the next opponent, his teammates listen.

Wilson’s “State of the Union” meetings, held since he was a rookie in Seattle and now carried on to Denver at the team facility in Dove Valley, are held each Tuesday on normal game weeks during the season. The quarterback uses the player-led, offense-only meeting as a means to assess the unit’s play the previous week, as well as start diving into the defense they’re facing that Sunday.

“It’s voluntary obviously, but all the guys come in and they’re so wired in, so focused, and a lot of guys have watched the film already,” Wilson said. “It’s kind of a review session rather than a dissertation.

“(It’s about) spending time with the guys, making sure we go over the film, go over the personnel, go over the fronts, know what the pressure looks are (this week), who their pressure guys are, all that information,” Wilson said. “Plus, who the head coach is, where does he come from, what’s his discipleship, where the defensive coordinator comes from, all that (backstory).”

Does Wilson supply hard copies to his teammates of reports that summarize all the intel he’s gained on upcoming opponents through his decade-plus in the league?

“That may be confidential information,” Wilson laughed.

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