Russell: Alex Smith’s been impressing Washington coaches in practice

Midway through the 2020 season, which of the Washington Football Team’s backup quarterbacks has the edge, in the event that starter Kyle Allen couldn’t go one week, for whatever reason?

While it’s a given Washington would turn to Alex Smith, the only other quarterback dressed, in a pinch, it remains to be seen what they’d do if they were suddenly forced to make a decision at quarterback for multiple weeks. Chris Russell tells The Sports Junkies he believes Smith still maintains an edge over Dwayne Haskins, who was benched in Week 5, even after Smith’s lone, miserable performance this season against the Rams.

“We saw Alex. Everyone in the country’s rooting for Alex, but he’s shot at this point,” said Junkies host Eric Bickel, setting up a hypothetical in which Washington would be forced to turn to Dwayne Haskins, in the event that Kyle Allen potentially became unavailable to play. “You can’t start Alex Smith. I’ve already determined that.”

“They believe differently, though,” Russell said. “They believe that Alex has really shown them something in practice.”

“Like in the last couple weeks they think that?” Bickel asked. “I mean, he couldn’t move! He couldn’t get out of the way.”

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” Russell said. “They were even saying that right after that game.”

“They were impressed?” Bickel said in disbelief.

“Yes,” Russell said. “I mean, now, we can’t see it, because we’re only allowed out there for 10 or 15 minutes,…

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