Rumors of Bradley Beal weighing his future surfaced again. How serious are they?

While this weekend’s news regarding Bradley Beal considering his options may have seemed at first like just another rumor involving the Wizards star, there are some indications this time it is more serious.

Now, Beal has given the Wizards no signs he is unhappy, at least not yet, according to a source with the team. He has, according to the source, remained in contact with the front office as recently as this weekend and nothing of the sort has come up, a source with the team told NBC Sports Washington.

But questions have arisen following a story by Bleacher Report released on Saturday that Beal feels uncertain about the Wizards’ future in part because of trade rumors mentioning Russell Westbrook, and is weighing his options. Thursday’s draft has been cited as a mile marker, given the Wizards could theoretically trade Beal for 2021 picks.

The Wizards have not received any indication Westbrook wants out, either, the team source told NBC Sports Washington. There was also pushback from the source with the team on the draft being a deadline for the Wizards to decide their course. That could apply more to teams whose offers would center around 2021 draft picks, as the Wizards have Beal under contract through next season and technically have until the trade deadline to weigh the risk of him leaving in free agency.

Beal has been the subject of trade speculation as he has ascended to stardom in…

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