Rudy Gobert will be the key for the Utah Jazz to outmatch the LA Clippers

If the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers meet in the 2020 NBA Playoffs, Rudy Gobert’s impact could very well be the factor that determines victory or defeat.

This offseason has seen the NBA landscape get turned upside down. With more star players changing teams than ever before, it’s been an absolute whirlwind summer, with some teams undergoing massive improvements, others being forced to rebuild for the future, and seemingly several squads doing their best to play for a championship in a field that’s as wide open as it’s been in several years.

Among those teams going all in, the Utah Jazz are certainly one of the most intriguing. They made all the right moves this summer to patch up several glaring weaknesses and improve dramatically in terms of talent. For a hot minute, they were all the rage even among the national media as a team that had a chance to be the best in the West.

Then, in one quick peppering of Woj Bombs, all of a sudden the LA Clippers swooped in and undeniably stole the title of preseason favorite. By adding Kawhi Leonard in free agency and subsequently pulling off a massive trade to bring in Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Clippers became the team that most are expecting to be the best in the West.

Sure, their regular season record may say otherwise with PG recovering from shoulder surgeries and Kawhi Leonard almost …

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