Roundtable: Potential name changes for the Clippers

As the Clippers prepare to transition to the Intuit Dome and create a new home for themselves in Inglewood, it’s natural to wonder if the team nickname should move with them. This franchise doesn’t exactly have a decorated history, and this could be an opportune moment for a fresh start.

The Clippers’ current nickname is a nod to their San Diego days, a reference to the sailing ships that passed through the San Diego Bay. Perhaps there’s a more appropriate nickname that could capture this team’s new home in Los Angeles. So with that in mind, we posed the question to our Clips Nation staff: What would you rename the Clippers?

Matthew Scammahorn: I’d have to lean towards naming the team the LA Waves, or something that references the famous SoCal beaches. As a current San Diego resident, and with the Clippers having a past in San Diego, it would be nice if the other SoCal team paid homage to our amazing coastline.

Josh Sexton: Since the news broke that the Clippers were all set to break ground on a new arena, I’ve had some thoughts about what a new era of the franchise could look like. I’m somewhat accepting of the idea that too many good Laker memories and one too many bad Clipper memories have happened in STAPLES Center, so who’s to say that we don’t just go the whole hog and give the ball club a completely…

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