Rosie DiManno: Rangers erase five-run deficit while turning the Blue Jays upside down

There was the blotto babe who was ejected, escorted out by a cop, but not before she socked him in the head. (Game 1)

There was the plastered girl who spewed a fountain of vomit outside Gate 9. (Game 2)

And there was the pixilated boingo of a 6-1 lead that evaporated lickety-split, ending in a 12-6 loss for Toronto. (Game 3)

These Blue Jays, circa 2022 — for all their sparkly superlatives — might yet end up driving a person to drink. Or weed, if you insist.

But maybe that was just the nature of the beast on opening weekend at Rogers Centre, when not all patrons who spin through the turnstiles are primarily interested in watching baseball. For some it’s just a be-there thing and booze up ’til you pass out.

In any event, the fun that Charlie Montoyo has avowed for his team this season, rapidly, zanily, ran out Sunday.

One thousand, six hundred and thirty-one feet of jacks — including the longest home run Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has hit in the majors — had the crowd boisterously giddy, while scriveners were already banging out stories about a series sweep of Texas.

Except it was still only the third inning and, you know, there are nine of those.

The visiting Rangers clearly kept the long game in mind, picking their chins up off the Astroturf and abruptly making mincemeat of starter Hyun Jin Ryu, knocking the lefty…

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