Rosie DiManno: Kevin Gausman brings a splitter personality to the Blue Jays

For reasons known only to himself, with the Florida temperature outside in the sweltering 80s, Kevin Gausman had taken to wearing a toque.

Every day. In the extravagant Blue Jays clubhouse. A toque.

If it were allowed, it would be a cool way for the marquee moundsman to make his Toronto debut Saturday afternoon. As a quasi hoser, once removed. Because he absolutely cannot wait to embrace T.O. And be embraced in return.

“I’ve always loved Toronto. It’s a beautiful city, very vibrant. I’m a big foodie and some of my favourite restaurants are there. It’s such a melting pot of a city. People from all over the world end up in Toronto. My wife speaks French, you know.”

Not that Taylor Gausman will likely have much opportunity to parle français, as her husband is well aware. Some five-and-a-half years as an Oriole brought him to the Rogers Centre often enough. That included a rough initiation the first time he took the big-league bump and got whacked in a 12-6 loss.

Gausman has reinvented himself on several occasions since those salad days, through good times and bad. When he was rehabbing from an injury with Atlanta, he studied the delivery of teammate Sean Newcombe, a left-hander. “I recorded him and flipped the screen, so I could see what it looked like as a right-handed pitcher. I watched that over and over.”

He took that dramatically adjusted delivery to Cincinnati…

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