Rookie Minicamp Quick Hits: Chase Likes Footing On and Off Field; RB Evans Catching On Fast; Ossai Continues To Inspire With New Number

– Evans is an interesting guy. He’s been texting the guy he’s going to be backing up, Joe Mixon, and says while he hopes to add pieces of Mixon’s game to his, “hopefully I have some things that he can learn from me, too,” as he begins his joust with veteran Samaje Perine for the No. 2 back.

When Evans got drafted, he explained how his college position coach had taken one of Mixon’s moves and turned it into a drill called “The Mixon.” Evans couldn’t really explain it on his draft day Zoom, but he got out of his chair Friday to show the hesitation step.

“So I’ve got the ball and if I’m going this way, I’ve got this leg up and I’m like this and I’m gaining ground as I’m trying to figure out what hole I’m about to go in,” Evans said. “It’s not too slow but it’s not too fast.”

Evans on why he enjoys the grind: “When the lion is going out hunting the elk, me being the lion, I enjoy the process. Seeing what he does throughout his day and learning from him and finding his niche and what he’s doing to know when to attack. By the time the tiger gets to the prey, it’s like saying ‘I can eat now.’ But I enjoyed the process of getting there.”

– Sometimes, in fact, many times, the assigning of jersey numbers isn’t rocket…

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