Rockies Mailbag: Will C.J. Cron be on the trade block?

Denver Post sports writer Patrick Saunders with the latest installment of his Rockies Mailbag.
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C.J. Cron is as good as gone next year, right? It doesn’t make sense why we’d keep him, especially when we need to go all-in on the rebuild and Michael Toglia is getting more playing time. The kid is our “first baseman of the future,” as everyone says.

— Mike, Denver

Mike, I understand why you would assume that given that Cron will make “only” $7.25 million next season. The thinking is that the Rockies should trade Cron for pitching — if they can.

That’s what I would attempt to do if I were the general manager, but there are layers to this premise.

First, we can’t assume that either Togila or Elehuris Montero are ready to be productive, everyday major-leaguers. The Rockies like both players’ potential but Montero has struggled against breaking balls and Toglia’s strikeout rate is almost 35%.

But If I were in charge of the Rockies, I would sink or swim with the Kid Rockies next season. If the Rockies surprise and become a wild-card contender in 2023, then make some trades at the deadline and go for it.

But I’m not sure the Rockies think the same way. They still want some stability in the lineup and if the Rockies were to trade Cron, the lineup would lack…

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