Rockets coach talks about ‘love’ after suspending Kevin Porter

When the Rockets traded for Kevin Porter Jr., a year ago, they knew they were getting a player with a high ceiling, but one with plenty of baggage. The latter is why the Cavaliers let the Rockets have him for nothing more than a Top 55-protected draft pick.

So, when the Rockets dealt Porter a one-game suspension Monday for his locker-room outburst and leaving the arena in the middle of a game over the weekend, coach Stephen Silas talked about loving on the player even more, instead of holding the latest incident against the 21-year-old guard.

“We knew that he had a past before he came here, but, you know, we hold everybody accountable to what they do, and he crossed the line, and he’ll be back and we’ll still love him and we’ll still grow with him and everything will be OK,” Silas said. “So, yeah, we spent a lot of time and for this to be blown out of proportion – it should not be, it should be a bump in the road and we continue on because if you really love somebody, you don’t take one instance and say that’s it or make it to where it’s more than it is. You love him, and then when stuff like this happens you love him even more.”

On the court, Porter, whose final straw in Cleveland was when he got into an altercation with team officials when his…

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