Report: Howie Kendrick expects to play in 2021

Here’s the news: Howie Kendrick decided he will play in 2021, according to The Athletic.

Here’s the thing: where is to be determined.

Kendrick was unsure if he would play again in 2021. Had 2020 been normal, Kendrick planned to retire after the season at age 37. Instead, the weirdness of the year made him reconsider and head into the offseason with only one plan: talk over what’s next with his family.

“I’ll be sad that I’m leaving the game of baseball, but I’m gaining so much when I go home with my family,” Kendrick said at the end of the season of prospective retirement.”My kids, they’ll be growing up and I’ll get to have that impact on them. Not only do I get to impact some of the younger guys around here, but my kids I can impact every day.

“They’re doing sports. My oldest son, Owen, I know he misses me. Talks about it with my wife. Then my younger son, Tyson, he plays like he doesn’t miss me, but he does. When you see that — when you hear that in their voice — as much as I love baseball, I would say family is more important. At the end of the day, that’s why I am going to sit down and talk with them and see what they really want me to do. Because it’s not just my decision. I’ve given so much to baseball, to…

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