Red Sox GM Brian O’Halloran donating baseball card collection

Long before he was orchestrating trades as the general manager of the Red Sox, Brian O’Halloran was standing in front of the original Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, hawking newspapers to make a few bucks.

The Weymouth native sold copies of the Herald and the Globe as a child, then flipped the money for baseball cards on his way to accumulating a collection of more than 20,000 cards, which he’s donating to the Red Sox Foundation to raise money for social justice.

To add an important piece to the collection, there was the “trade of the century.”

“It was the equivalent of Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek for Heathcliff Slocumb,” O’Halloran said, referring to the famed trade by the Sox, who swindled the Mariners just before the trade deadline in 1997.

Long ago, O’Halloran and his older brother, Mike, had split a Domino’s pizza, but Mike had a significantly bigger appetite. Mike finished his allotment while his little brother was down to his final slice.

That’s when Brian made an offer.

“When I was really little, my brother is 2-½ years older than me, so one of his friends swindled me out of a bunch of my cards in the mid-70s for like a dollar’s worth of change,” Brian recalled. “I thought, ‘oh, money!’ So, I got swindled. Then I traded my brother, who didn’t really collect cards but had a few. I traded him the last slice of my Domino’s…

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