Receiver John Ross hoping to revive his career with Giants

As a kickoff return drill was about to commence, Jabrill Peppers positioned himself with the other Giants return men, a handful of players getting a look during a first-week training camp practice. Peppers watched as a new teammate, John Ross, fielded the first ball, catching it cleanly and then taking off as if he had a jetpack strapped to his back.

“He was there,’’ Peppers said, “and then he wasn’t.’’

That pretty much sums up the so-far unfulfilling NFL life of Ross, who is hard to quit because he runs so darn fast. Now you see him, now you don’t. Whether Ross will be seen on the Giants’ final roster remains one of the more compelling summer questions for a team desperate to inject playmaking into the offensive attack.

For Ross, a still-young (25) athlete carrying a “draft bust’’ label with him after four brutal years in Cincinnati, this opportunity with the Giants could represent his last shot.

John Ross hopes to use his speed to land a spot on the Giants final roster.Robert Sabo for the NY POST

“Things happen, you know?’’ Ross said. “I can sit here and pinpoint a bunch of things, but that’s kind of old now. I don’t really care to go back and worry about what happened. I kind of just want to focus on why I’m here now and the things going forward.’’

Can Ross be a part of the Giants’ plans? A…

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