Rays owner Stuart Sternberg says split-city teams are ‘the wave of the future’

As you have probably heard — and if you haven’t it’s been covered in depth in today’s Outside The Confines — the Tampa Bay Rays’ plan to have two stadiums built for them, one in Tampa, one in Montreal, and operate as a two-city team, were nixed by MLB’s Executive Council.

I wrote that this was a bad idea back in October, and later that month wrote another article saying that this proposal was probably about leveraging a stadium to be built in the Tampa Bay area. What’s a bit surprising, then, is that the Executive Council of MLB owners basically agreed with this in telling the Rays they couldn’t do it.

Back to square one, then, the Rays will investigate stadium locations in the Tampa Bay area. But what I found most interesting in Sternberg’s comments in this article by Andy McCullough in The Athletic:

Sternberg described the plan as a “bold concept” which he believes will be raised by other clubs in the future.

“Partial seasons are going to be the wave of the future in professional sports,” he said.

I don’t understand where this comes from and why Sternberg thinks so. It seems counterintuitive to everything we now know about being a fan — the team reps the city you grew up in, or have adopted by moving there as an adult. How would playing only half your games in a city promote that team?

Let’s apply…

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