Raptors investing in new people, technology with hopes of improving shooting

TORONTO — The Toronto Raptors were one of the worst shooting teams in the NBA last year, but they’re working on it, both in terms of technology and people.

The latest evidence was on display across the southern wall of their already pretty posh practice facilities at the OVO Athletic Centre.

Running the full length of an NBA court is a video screen — think in-arena ‘jumbotron’ but laid out flat rather than wrapping around in a cube to be visible from all sides — that shows or can show everything from clips from a previous game or upcoming opponent to statistical breakdowns tracking measurables like deflections, steals and rebounds on an individual game-by-game basis.

The possibilities are limitless.

As an example, rather than sit in a film room (the Raptors have a fully decked out theatre for just that purpose) and then walk-through teachings on the practice floor, the coaching staff can conduct a film session on the big screen while the players are on the floor already, and work through various nuances and details in real-time.

“I love it. It’s great,” said Raptors head coach Nick Nurse. “There’s so much up there we can do… there’s a lot of information flowing across those boards… from the last game’s footage to the next opponent footage, to a bunch of charted things we have up there. So there’s a lot of stuff we can put up there and we can…

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