Ranking New York sports’ best current GM-coach duos

Well, the Giants have decided to line up their new general manager and their new coach, and though we have neither person’s identity yet, we know this: They will begin their tenure here on the same page. That should be a good thing. Generally, it’s a good thing.

So maybe it’s time for a snapshot at the other eight coach-GM pairings in town: where they rate so far on being copacetic as work partners and also in the success their teams have had. Some are still rated on spec, of course, but hey, that’s half the fun.

Anyway, one man’s rankings. Discussion, discourse and disagreement are welcome — and expected.

1. Lou Lamoriello-Barry Trotz, Islanders

OK, yes, you look at the Metropolitan Division standings and you see the Islanders dead last, as they’ve been for much of the year, and they have an awful lot of catching up to do to get within shouting distance of the playoffs.

Still, you can’t simply discount the first three years of this partnership, which resulted in two appearances in the East finals. The miracle may not come this year, but the miracle has already happened: a GM and a coach with rings already in their safe-deposit boxes.

2. Chris Drury-Gerard Gallant, Rangers

Sure, it’s early. But it’s pretty clear that once the shock of last year’s purge wore off, what has resulted is a team that is pleasing to watch almost every night…

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