Ranked and rankled: The White Sox are the most interesting team in baseball

The Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in baseball, according to ESPN’s most recent power rankings. ESPN also has a story on its site with the headline, “How did the San Francisco Giants become the best team in baseball?’’ You might be asking yourself, “Which is it?’’

The internecine disagreement could mean that ESPN’s divided house will fall any moment now, or it could mean that everybody and his brother and his brother’s significant other has an opinion these days.

I’d wade in with my own assessment, which would be that the White Sox are the best team in baseball, but I think that would be missing the bigger point of the Sox, which is this:

They’re the most entertaining team in baseball.

They’re also the most interesting and, possibly, the most volatile. It’s why, if I were tasked with introducing someone to the game, I would shepherd them to the South Side.

Much has been made of Tony La Russa’s managing, pitting traditionalists who dig the experience a 76-year-old manager brings to the field against forward thinkers who think La Russa walks to the mound backward. It’s a show unto itself, with both sides taking the discussion very seriously. It’s a little like the God-vs.-science debate, only more emotional.

It’s the electrically charged backdrop to everything that’s going on with a terrific ball club. La Russa can’t take a breath without being questioned about a move he’s made.…

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