Race-related NFL job-search comment has Chung seeking meeting with Goodell

Eugene Chung, the first Korean American selected in the first round of the NFL draft, entered the league as a trailblazer.

And he has been told by peers he remains a groundbreaker as he prepares to spend his second season out of the NFL.

Chung, 55, who spent 19 seasons in the league as an offensive tackle and assistant coach and won a Super Bowl with the Eagles after the 2017 season, is seeking a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss an anti-Asian sentiment that he said was expressed to him during a job interview this offseason.

Chung said in May he was told he “wasn’t the right minority” and on Monday, he termed the NFL’s statement after it reviewed his claim “a little misleading.”

The league responded July 1, saying it was unable to confirm such a statement was made to Chung while adding that Chung “has offered to assist us moving forward and we welcome the opportunity to speak with him about how we can better advance employment opportunities through the League.” Chung said Monday he received only one call from a league representative, and he termed that interaction “very brief” and “almost perfunctory.”

Chung said he was told by a coach he considered a good friend during an interview that he wasn’t the “right minority” in the NFL’s estimation. Chung has declined to reveal the coach’s identity.

“I think pointing fingers or naming people or calling…

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