Q&A with A Sea of Blue on BJ Boston

The Clippers were busy on draft night, injecting some much needed youth into their roster by getting two additional second-round picks, Jason Preston and Brandon Boston Jr. (or BJ Boston).

Boston is a name who should be familiar to fans of L.A. basketball given his roots at Sierra Canyon, and he spent his lone year in college at the preps-to-pro factory that is Kentucky. But given the stop-and-go nature of college basketball this year due to the pandemic and the Wildcats missing out on the NCAA Tournament, Boston fell off the radar and plummeted down the draft boards. Nevertheless, there is reason to be excited about a player who was mocked as high as No. 2 in the 2021 draft before eventually landing with the Clippers at No. 51.

To get a better idea of who Boston is now, we recruited the services of Jason Marcum, the site manager of A Sea of Blue, the SB Nation Kentucky Wildcats community. Here’s what Jason had to say.

Clips Nation: Why was Boston good enough in high school to be recruited to Kentucky?

Jason Marcum: When Boston initially committed in the late summer of 2019, he was regarded as an elite finisher at the rim with a solid jumper that had the potential to become even better. By the time his senior season started, Boston had become a complete three-level scorer and was starting to look like a more consistent Kevin Knox…

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