Position breakdown: Maximizing Porzingis a priority among big men

When you have one of the tallest players in the NBA, one with a rare skill set of inside and outside capabilities, it makes sense to maximize his assets.

Jason Kidd already has hinted that he will try to do things a little differently with Kristaps Porzingis this season, which is why he will be central to the play of the Mavericks’ big men and the team overall..

Will we see the thin 7-3 Latvian on the low block all the time? Of course not. That would be a disservice to him and to the team.

But the sharpshooting big man might become just a little more acquainted with the paint than he has been the last couple of seasons.

One of the reasons that the Mavericks are excited about this prospect is the offseason that Porzingis has had.

“This is going to be the first season with the Dallas Mavericks where he’s coming in healthy,” owner Mark Cuban said. “He’s able to work on other things – other than just rehab – to get his body ready, get stronger, work on his game.

“Now he’s going to have a chance to have some continuity and that’s something he has not had effectively since he was a rookie.”

Kidd has already taken time to visit with Porzingis in Latvia and no doubt had some conversations about how best to utilize Porzingis’ ample talents.

Here’s what we know: Porzingis has averaged…

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