Pork rolls and mind work: The story of 49ers’ Mike McGlinchey’s improvement plan

Posed that question Saturday, Mike McGlinchey, a native of suburban Philadelphia, was having trouble describing the East Coast creation to his audience of Bay Area reporters.

“It goes back and forth,” the 49ers right tackle began, “between being called a pork roll and Taylor ham.”

That wasn’t helpful. The follow-up question: Is it like a cheesesteak?

“No. No. It’s more of like – I want to say a tangy ham, but it’s hard to describe,” McGlinchey said. “It’s just a big processed – it’s like a six-pound different-type-of-flavored hot dog.”

The question the reader might have at the moment: Why is this relevant? Well, the pork roll back-and-forth was part of a larger discussion about McGlinchey’s add-weight offseason program. And that program called for McGlinchey to eat something every two to three hours and provided leeway when it came to what he put in his body. In other words: multiple pork rolls in one sitting!

“Not having to worry about just eating one of those is definitely a good thing,” McGlinchey said.

McGlinchey, 26, gained 25 pounds in the offseason because of an overall bad performance as a pass-blocker last year, when he weighed around 290 pounds, light by NFL offensive-tackle standards. At 290, McGlinchey excelled as a run blocker in a zone-read scheme that requires athleticism from linemen, but he was too often bullied in pass protection, with some of his worst snaps coming in big moments.

To be…

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