Plenty of blame to go around in Blackhawks’ scandal, including some for silent teammates

God help the poor slob who happens to step on the large Blackhawks insignia planted in the middle of the locker room at the United Center. It’s holy ground, and Hawks players will scream bloody murder if a reporter’s foot should accidentally go astray.

Protecting that image is seen as a noble pursuit. But who was protecting two players who allegedly were sexually abused by the team’s video coach in 2010? And where were the voices raised in anger then?

This is what happens when guarding an institution becomes paramount.


If all the sexual-abuse scandals in various sectors of society have taught us anything, it’s that those in power can’t be trusted.

But those players who reportedly were abused — where were their Hawks teammates to speak up for them?

We hear so much about the importance of leadership in sports. Where was it inside the Blackhawks’ locker room?

At least three former players from the 2010 Stanley Cup team have said recently that Bradley Aldrich’s alleged assaults were no secret to the team at the time. That’s the definition of “too late.’’

I want to be clear here: It was up to the people high in the Hawks’ power structure to act responsibly, to protect the vulnerable, to show courage. To call the police. If what the lawsuit says is true, they failed to do so. A former Hawks skills coach requested in a 2010 meeting with then-president…

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