Playoff Pick ‘Em Challenge: Round 2

If you participated in the first round of the 2022 CC Playoff Pick ‘Em Challenge, congratulations: you were guaranteed to not go 0-for-the first round.

We had 66 entries in the first round, and every single one of them picked the Hurricanes to top the Bruins. It’s only the second time I can remember that everyone picked the same result, and the last time it happened, the Blue Jackets swept the Lightning. There were probably more than a few clenched sphincters when David Pastrnak scored with 20 seconds left in Game 7, but disaster was averted and the Hurricanes moved on.

It was a relatively chalky first round, with six of the eight top seeds advancing, and one of the other two was Tampa Bay, who a large majority of our users selected to beat Toronto. The bonus points for picking the winner and correct series length played a big role in how the leaderboard looks, with our Fearless Leader atop the standings after being the only one to correctly pick the winner and length of four first round series.

A special shout out to the five contestants who picked the correct winner of every single first-round series: gregfrgusa, Foba_Bett, The Night King, Ronnie Franchise, and Markmcnc. Well done!

Here is how the standings look after the first round:

Now we move onto the second round, but if you didn’t play in the first round, it’s not too late to…

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Brian LeBlanc

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