Players appreciated Baldelli’s uncharacteristic display

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I’ve covered the Twins since the beginning of manager Rocco Baldelli’s tenure at the helm of this club in 2019, and I was as taken aback as everyone when I watched the normally mild-mannered skipper walk out of the dugout, hurl his cap across the backstop dirt, and put on a display of outright anger I haven’t even seen from far more emotive managers in my (admittedly short) time around baseball.

And it carried through into the press conference after Sunday’s loss, too, when a beyond frustrated Baldelli aired all of his emotions in a profanity-laden tirade for three minutes in a defense of his players.

None of that was going to change anything about the play that had transpired or the loss that had already gone into the record books, obviously. But the image of that fiery manager stepping up in that moment to express a team’s frustrations in that explosively emotive and wholly unexpected manner certainly seemed to energize Twins fans around social media.

Perhaps it’ll provide that kind of jolt in the clubhouse, too.

“I hope that does happen, I really do,” Baldelli said before the series against the Dodgers began. “I didn’t go out on the field because of that in any way, but I hope that does happen. If our…

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