Pettersson emerges from shadows in massive Canucks win over Capitals

In a little more than four minutes on Sunday, Elias Pettersson scored as many goals for the Vancouver Canucks as he had the previous six weeks: two.

But four goals are twice as good as two, and the most important aspect of the Canucks’ 4-2 win against the Washington Capitals is that Vancouver’s most talented forward finally has something to show for his determination to play his way out of a bewildering season-long scoring slump.

It’s uncertain – and certainly mathematically unlikely – that the Canucks will save their season and make the playoffs. But their slim chances will improve significantly if Pettersson saves his season and starts producing like the elite offensive driver he was before he injured his wrist more than 10 months ago.

Just as it is ludicrously over-reactive for some in the fan base to suggest the Canucks should trade their franchise player because Pettersson has had three poor months after three mostly-spectacular years, it’s also ridiculous to conclude his scoring troubles are over and Sunday was the turning point.

The Canucks are 38 games into their season and Pettersson has eight goals and 19 points.

But he badly needed a game like Sunday, and so did the Canucks, who opened their Murderer’s Row tour through the Southeast with three straight losses and now have the chance to finish their five-game torture tour at .400 if they can beat the Nashville Predators on Tuesday.

On a…

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