Paul Klee: What’s taking Colorado so long to let fans back at games?

DENVER — Tuesday in New York City you can attend a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

That’s right, folks. New York’s set to allow sports fans at games before Colorado does. New York.

Down in Dallas, Stars fans can fill up 25 percent of American Airlines Center, or roughly 5,000 fans. Stick around for some basketball fun, and the Mavericks welcome up to 3,900 NBA fans.

Must be nice.

Here in last-to-the-table Colorado, there’s a familiar sound at Ball Arena, home of the Avalanche and Nuggets: crickets. The only attendance you would have seen Monday night at the Avs-Knights game was a handful of local media socially distanced above the lower bowl. Sneak into a Nuggets game — actually, don’t do that, yet — and you’ll see the same, plus members of the front office in the lower bowl.

What in Barrel Man’s name is taking so long for Colorado to reopen its doors to sports fans?

Fans here should’ve been allowed back into the games weeks ago. While 13 NBA teams are allowing limited attendance, according to, including 3,900 in Utah and 2,700 in New Orleans, fans here can’t witness Nikola Jokic’s MVP-caliber season in person (or often on TV). While the state of New Jersey permits 2,700 Devils fans, and St. Louis welcomes 1,400 Blues fans, Avs fans are left out in the cold.

Hey, if you don’t want to go to the game, don’t go…

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