Paul Klee: How Nuggets fans can dream during an inconsequential NBA draft for Denver

DENVER — Early congratulations to the young man drafted by the Nuggets on Wednesday night.

Now follow in the grand tradition of Carmelo Anthony, Nikola Jokic and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and do your very best to avoid the unfortunate results of Efthimi Rentzias and Tony Battie.

All that said, there are a few things the newest Nugget should know. One, the Nuggets aren’t in the business of drafting bad eggs. This locker room here is the nicest collection of millionaires you could meet. Joker, nice guy. Jerami Grant, nice guy. Monte Morris, nice guy. That’s these Nuggets, nice guys. So good on this draft pick for being a nice guy, because the Nuggets wouldn’t draft him if he’s not.

“Culture guys,” as president of basketball operations Tim Connelly says.

Two, pack a padded cushion to Ball Arena. You won’t play much for the Nuggets in 2020-21.

There’s no room.

Welcome to the most meaningless Nuggets draft of the past 20 years. They own the No. 22 pick and need another young player like they need another three months at Disney World. Their needs are relatively minimal and won’t be solved in the 20s of the weakest NBA draft I’ve ever seen. The dream scenarios that won’t happen have Alabama’s Kira Lewis Jr. or Kentucky’s Tyrese Maxey falling to No. 22, or the Nuggets trading out of the first round to take Gonzaga’s Killian Tillie or Minnesota’s Daniel Oturu. But you and…

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