Patriots S Devin McCourty says contrasting styles of Cam Newton and Mac Jones benefits defense

Cam Newton and Mac Jones have two different and distinct styles when it comes to playing quarterback.

And while it may seem that might work against the Patriots, practicing zone-read with the more mobile Newton, with Jones checking in as the pure pocket passer, Devin McCourty just sees the benefit, especially for the defense.

What better way to prepare for the mobile Josh Allen, who they’ll face twice with Buffalo, or Tom Brady, who’s Mr. Dropback, and comes to Foxboro Week 4?

“It’s something that I think is great for the season, because it’s something that we see week in and week out,” said McCourty. “The game plan that we have for like, a Lamar Jackson, if we see Baltimore, we’ll be a little different than if we play Tennessee and we’ve got (Ryan) Tannehill,” said McCourty. “It’s something that we talk about. That we’re paying attention to.”

With Brady, Matt Ryan, Tannehill, Justin Herbert, the Patriots still have a good number of pocket passers to contend with, along with the mobile guys. So McCourty believes it’s been advantageous for the Patriots defense to defend Newton and Jones during training camp.

“With quarterback you don’t always get that in a training camp to have two guys that have pretty different styles. But it’s great work for us as a defense because, obviously you have to play to those styles,” said McCourty. “But it builds the communication. Whatever calls, whatever things…

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