Patriots rookie WR Tre Nixon learns why Ernie Adams made him team’s final pick

Wide receiver Tre Nixon holds the distinction of being the last player selected by the Patriots in the 2021 draft. That move also served as Ernie Adams final official act with the team.

Adams, who was Bill Belichick’s legendary confidante and tactical strategist, announced his retirement, and the Patriots head coach allowed him to make the final selection, which came in the 7th round selection.

Before Adams departure, Nixon spotted him on one of the treadmills in the training room. Naturally, the rookie was curious to find out what Adams liked about him.

“I went up to him, and I said: ‘Why me?’ He kind of just told me don’t think too far into it,” Nixon said, relaying his conversation with Adams to the media. “‘You’re a big guy, you’re smart, and you’re fast. That’s what we need to help us out.’ That’s kind of the way he drafts people and what not. He said it wasn’t anything big, anything crazy. Just do your best to go out there and show them what you can do.”

Nixon said he got a lift, just by chatting with Adams, and finding out what the former Patriots research director saw in him.

“It made me feel amazing. Still to this day, I feel honored,” Nixon said. “I wish he was actually still around just to kind of see him around at practice. But like I said, that’s a moment I’ll remember for the rest…

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