Patriots QB Mac Jones is going to stick with the knee brace

Over the past few weeks, Mac Jones has been experimenting with different types of braces for his left knee, the knee closest to incoming pass rushers and potential danger.

The Patriots rookie quarterback claimed he was just trying them out, and wearing it to help prevent injury. While it was recommended he wear one to protect from blind side hits, some believe he’s still nursing a knee injury sustained in the national championship game.

During the Eagles’ preseason game, Jones struggled to get up after going down after a brief run.

Whatever the case, Jones told reporters Thursday that he’s settled on one style, after going through at least three or four different models.

“Yeah, I like this one I have on. It’s comfortable and smooth, and doesn’t feel like a lot,” he said. “A lot of people require it. So I just wanted to try it and so far I’ve liked it, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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