Patriots’ moves on defense indicate a change will do them good

Did you know the Bills didn’t punt in either of their final two meetings with the Patriots last year?

You did? OK. Just checking. Because even though we mention it often and I figured you probably did know, I bring it up again because it BEARS REMINDING!!!! I mean, how the hell?

But to be fair, five months later, when we take that shot we should add the chaser that steps are being taken to stop that from happening again. Or at least to ensure that it’s a differently constructed defense.

It’s good news that the Patriots are wise to the fact that merciless pummelings of overmatched/undermanned offenses might look good on paper (hello, 262-55 edge over the Jets, Jets, Jaguars, Browns, Falcons, Titans and Panthers in 2021!), but those results were concealer for the glacial speed and lack of playmaking that’s sometimes exposed by talented offenses.

We can flap our arms all we want about coaching titles, but the bottom line to the 2022 season will be this: Can the Patriots’ defense stop the Bills and Dolphins and compete to win their division or not?

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For this story, I’m going to turn off the negativity spigot and spin forward the possibility that maybe they can. And that’s because I saw a revamp last year on the other…

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