Patriots DB Jalen Mills encourages young players to soak in Bill Belichick’s wisdom

Defensive back Jalen Mills was so excited when he first met Bill Belichick after joining the team as a free agent, he screamed out ‘’this is (expletive) Coach Belichick,” when he saw the Patriots head coach in the cafeteria.

Five months later, even though the reality of playing for Belichick has finally sunk, Mills remains infatuated and in awe of his head coach.

“When we were in a walkthrough two or three days ago, I was talking to one of the young guys, and I was like, ‘That’s Bill Belichick right there. That’s the greatest coach ever, man. Anything that he says, just listen to him.’ Because when he’s talking when he’s coaching, it’s free game. He’s giving knowledge,’’ Mills told reporters Monday. “It may just be him doing his job, but the things that he says, you have to really pay attention to it, because he’s really giving you the game.”

With training camp underway, and OTAs and minicamp completed, Mills said he’s already learned a ton just by listening to Belichick during those moments.

“Whether it’s in coverage at cornerback, or in coverage at safety, and then also, when the team is running play action, or they’re having run plays, where to put my eyes, and different things like that so I can play faster,” he said. “Like I said, when he’s out here in the walkthroughs, and he’s talking, I’m quiet, I’m trying to listen to everything…

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