Panic at Jerry World? Why 49ers’ Red Sea of fans could surge once again

There’s a bit of panic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week. Nervousness is popping up on social media, on radio stations and in news conferences.

The cause is an intriguing storyline that has nothing to do with whether the Dallas’ secondary will intercept Jimmy Garoppolo or if the 49ers defense can stuff the Cowboys run game. Instead, will the Red Sea swamp Jerry World?

Sunday’s wild-card game is a “white out” meaning the Cowboys are asking their fans to wear white jerseys. Which also means that the 49ers fans who make it to Arlington will look like blood on snow. To borrow a movie title, There Will Be Blood. The question is just how much?

“I hope we take it over, it would be so cool,” said Joe Gray, a 26-year-old financial analyst from Kentfield, who is actually named after Joe Montana. He and his dad bought tickets online the moment the 49ers’ victory over the Rams was final. They found seats for $150. By midweek the same nosebleed tickets were going for $400.

A takeover is going to be a lot harder than it was last week in Los Angeles, when SoFi Stadium was overrun. That was a regular-season game against a team that still is trying to grow an apathetic fan base. During the long years when there was no NFL team in L.A., polls consistently showed that the most popular teams in the area were the…

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