Orlando Magic’s simple goal for NBA Draft: Get two great players

The NBA Draft and the discussion around it can sometimes get over-complicated.

What the design of the whole draft process is meant to do is to help teams bring in new talent. They are all trying to get the best players they can. They want to make their teams better. An injection of young talent is meant to improve the team’s long-term prospects as they grow and improve and help slide in with the team.

It is all the other considerations that complicate things — ranking players in tiers or on a big board, trading up and down, considering how players fit into the existing roster and everything else.

Picking and ranking players necessarily creates debate. And even in NBA draft rooms, that debate rages on as it would in any barbershop or dark corner of the Internet — although perhaps a bit more intelligently.

The Orlando Magic are deep into their draft preparations. But the goal is clear. Despite all the complications of the draft, they want to get the best players they can with their current picks.

The goal though despite all the pieces that get added to the equation remains the same. The team is trying to get the best players it can.

And for the Orlando Magic with selections at Nos. 5 and 8 in this year’s NBA Draft, the real goal is simple: Get the best players they can.

“We feel really good about the…

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