Orlando Magic can’t be picky about position, but they still need fit on Draft Night

The Orlando Magic have had a lot of players cycle through their gym and they have done their homework and probably even some interviews — virtual or otherwise — with plenty more prospects. There is a lot of information to sort through.

Still, somehow, reports and rumors about who the Magic are interviewing and thinking about taking with their two top-10 picks can still surprise.

The report from Sam Vecenie of The Athletic that the Magic were considering taking Turkey center Alperen Sengun with the eighth pick as a “potential replacement for Nikola Vucevic” was a bit surprising.

Sengun is an incredibly talented and strong player. He averaged 19.2 points and 9.4 rebounds per game in winning the Turkish Super League MVP at 18 years old. That is not something or someone that should be brushed aside so easily.

Sengun is a skilled offensively player. He is still fairly paint-bound, but he has a good understanding of how to use space and timing on pick and rolls to get to the basket. His jumper is still improving, but Sengun is a talented player and would be a strong pick at No. 8.

The question that inevitably comes up then is if the Magic are going to go out and draft Vucevic’s replacement, why didn’t they just stick things out with Vucevic, a proven and reliable player albeit in his 30s, and merely add a young player to a more-established core.…

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