Orlando Magic 2021 NBA Draft Preview: Jonathan Kuminga wants to be your star

Jonathan Kuminga comes off with the quiet humility of a young person who knows he is entering a man’s world.

He got that lesson firsthand playing for the G-League Ignite last year. It was a different game that had him getting tested and exposing some of his flaws. It seemed like it humbled him in some ways.

Do not let that quiet fool you though. Kuminga has big aspirations. It may not be the outward swagger or bravado of a person putting it in your face. But ask Kuminga what he can be and who will be in the NBA, and he is not shy.

The Orlando Magic need to find a star to center their rebuild. To be a star, you have to believe you are a star. While Jonathan Kuminga is quiet and knows there is more work to do, he understands and believes the sky is the limit for him.

Kuminga might be one of the youngest players in the Draft. But that is because he reclassified from the Class of 2021 to the Class of 2020, making himself eligible for that first G-League Ignite experiment and placing him within this much-celebrated draft class.

And Kuminga is not afraid to let everyone know where he thinks he will end up by the end of his career.

Whether that ends up with the Orlando Magic with the fifth or eighth pick remains a mystery. He did his work…

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